Forestone is a new synthetic reed from Japan that has most of the advantages of cane but none of the drawbacks. It is the ideal choice for clarinet and saxophone players at all skill levels who seek to free themselves from the problems of inconsistency and instability associated with cane reeds.


Forestone reeds are made with a special material that contains wood fibre, more than 50 percent of which is actual bamboo. The result is a clarinet or saxophone reed that not only sounds and feels like a good cane reed, but looks like one too.


Forestone reeds have a robust timbre that’s clear and strong, with just enough buzz in the sound to ensure good projection and carrying power. Intonation is stable and the reeds articulate well from the lowest to the highest registers.


Forestone reeds were developed in Japan over a 30-year period. Intensive research into appropriate materials and a new fabrication method for this type of product - injection moulding - has resulted in the finest synthetic reed on the market.


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Welcome to the Forestone Japan Website, home of the most advanced synthetic reeds for clarinet and saxophone ever developed.

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