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Forestone Japan
Forestone Carbon Fiber Alt Saxophone Neck
Forestone Synthetic Reed
Forestone Accessories: Ligature


A collection of saxophones and reeds we've made with passion

Our work


Forestone started in late 2007 with a group of people anxious to develop a better reed and release players from all known problems with cane and bad sound plastic reeds.


The former manager of Japan’s biggest woodwind distributor Kawai Kazunori came up with a special material formula - half bamboo and half PP which was the perfect combination of wooden sound while being perfectly consistent when manufactured by injection molding.


In 2010 all preparations for Forestone Reeds were done and company founder Lars Heuseler started to be set up in most countries around the world taking over a leading position among synthetic and cane reed brands with a line-up for all single reed instruments from Clarinet to Saxophone for classic players and jazz players.


In 2012 Forestone joined hands with Japanese instrument builders who mentioned to be looking for new challenges. Their decades of experience enabled them to create a Saxophone using Japanese technology combined with the experience of repairing almost every saxophone brand ever being produced.


As a result Forestone is building the finest Japanese saxophones today and taking responsibility for every single horn.



Daikoku 1-2-3

Naniwa Ward, Osaka City, 

Osaka Japan 556-0014

Tel:  +81 6 6536 8690

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