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Forestone Soprano -1.png

Professionals love the SX series. When they request a Professional Saxophone, we went all in. And then we went way, way beyond. The SX Series Saxophone is packed with the most staggeringly powerful mechanic construction imaginable. The instrument is engineered with a Hybrid post construction with thicker brass layers to make the sound travel even faster to the audiences and is fully cryogenic FVCT treatment on body and neck.


The Forestone SX Series Saxophone delivers faster response has Pisoni Pro Pads real mother of pearl and is beautifully hand engraved on saxophone body and neck.

This Cognac Lacquered version has a deep and warm modern sound, which can be easily modulated. A flexible all-round horn suitable for all styles

Material: Yellow brass

Finish: Cognac lacquered

Type: Straight

Pads: Pisoni Pro with metal resonators

Springs: Blue steel

Thumb Hook: Adjustable Metal

Full rib construction on top and bottom stack

Ergonomic design

Key posts: Hybrid post construction

Neck: Straight & Curved

High F#

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