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The Forestone GX Vintage Cognac is set up by the highest possible quality standards and has a special mechanic construction giving the instrument a colourful, free and round sound. The combination of a special engineered hybrid post construction and the cryogenic FVCT treatment on the neck makes this saxophone more responsive than others. The Forestone Alto Saxophone GX delivers faster response has Pisoni Pads real mother of pearl and is beautifully hand engraved. ​


This Vintage Cognac version has a big and warm core sound which can be easily modulated. A flexible all-round horn suitable for all styles including funk and contemporary music.

Material: Yellow brass

Finish: Vintage Cognac

Bell: Engraved / Detachable 

Pads: Pisoni with metal resonators

Springs: Blue steel

Thumb Hook: Adjustable Metal

Full rib construction on top and bottom stack

Ergonomic design

Key posts: Hybrid post construction

High F#

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