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JULY 25, 2017

Forestone White Bamboo synthetic reed is now available

Our brand new White Bamboo reeds are a fusion of the cut of the Black Bamboo and the material compounding of the Hinoki Reeds. When we developed our Black Bamboo Reeds we had the needs of professional classical players in mind.


It behaves like a good French cut cane reed with a big and strong heart for a good and sturdy resistance for perfect control. But for many players it was a little bit to stiff and they liked the lively response of the Hinoki reeds and especially wanted it for soprano and baritone. So we developed the white bamboo. We used our successful French filed cut, refined our material formula of the Hinoki for it and used some tuning methods to give you the most advanced reed we have made so far and can offer it for all four regular saxophone types and clarinet. Its sound is big with a lot of modern overtones but still has a very even spectrum. The attack has enough resistance for a good control and that you can push it but it is still easy enough for a comfortable playing and a wide flexibility.


This reed just sounds alive. It fits ideally to classical designed mouthpieces but also works really well with American faced mouthpieces. Because we got a lot of questions for it internationally we went back to numbers for the strength indication.


They are very close to the strengths players know from Rico. You can see it on our new strength comparison chart. Our first patch, was already introduced at the Musikmesse Frankfurt this year, where many professional players around the world gather to test the newest equipment.


The White Bamboo was by far our most successful reed there. Roughly 80% of players who tested it wanted to buy one. So we are confident to say, that the bamboo is maybe the best reed we produced so far and one of the most versatile ones on the market.


-French filed cut

-lively response for a free sound

-universal use for all styles

-available for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone & Clarinet

-size 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, & 3.5

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